I’ve never seen a gallery show come together so quickly. This week the Science History Institute installed six of the photos in a giant outside exhibit that is something like ten feet tall and thirty feet wide. The exhibit will include a station where passers-by can take a post-card with one of the images from the collection and also signage that display quotations from the interviews. The show will stay up until 2021.

The whole thing looks so beautiful. I’m grateful to the staff at the Institute and also to all the healthcare and essential workers who let me amplify their stories. Right now it’s looking like the winter of 2020-2021 may be worse than anything previous and people who have been called upon or assigned difficult and dangerous work won’t get any rest. It’s obviously on all of us to do everything we can to minimize transmission so that these people can get their lives back, and also to avoid activities that put people with no choice at risk. 

Please check out the Science History Institute’s online exhibit here.

The exhibit at the Science History Museum, six photos covering an outside wall


an installer in a bucket lift affixes a large photographing print to an exterior wall


Workers install graphics describing the show along the side of the Science History Museum

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